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A precious gift

For many years I had lived as a victim of all the abuse that happened to me in my past and as a result I felt like I was imprisoned by the energy of the abuse for ever.
My life seems to be moulded by my past and there was no doubt that it was affecting my present. I came to the conclusion that unless I dealt with this hurt and pain it would only continue to affect my future.
After seeking the help of countless professionals, I started to break through the hard layer which I had built around me to protect me from from the pain and the light began to shine through. I took me along time to realise that everything that had happened to me was indeed a gift.
It opened my heart to new levels of loving that through my layers of protection I would never ever have learned to experience. I became patient, softer and I was able to tolerate more than I was ever able to tolerate before. So, in essence I started to be able to view all that had happened to me as a gift and realise that I would not be who I am today without that precious gift. Question is if I had a choice to relive that, would I? And the answer is a big fat yes. Because of the gifts and life experience that I gained as a result, I actually like who I am today and I am able to relate to many people on many levels. To me, this is a gift not just to myself but also to the world.

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