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Are you being brain washed

I came across this video on Facebook and found it really interesting! News and social media give us the impression that we are living in very unsafe times. The statistics on this video show that actually this is the safest time to be alive.
I went on a negativity diet years ago and this consisted of not reading trashy magazines, watching the news or reading the newspaper. I found that by partaking in those activities it made me feel bad and filled me with negativity, dread and gloom. On one hand it may be like I am burying my head in the sand but on the other hand I found myself feeling less safe in the world the more I watched and that changed the way that I showed up the world.
This video is geartening as it show’s statistics that we are living in the safest time ever and that brings me great relief. Plus I find it super interesting!
The video also shows how we are being programmed in our every day lives and how we can learn to reprogram ourselves positively. I totally love the world of positive programming and believe every minute of it. Ever since I started to positively program my mind, things started changing and for the better!

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