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Creating True Happiness

Our motivations behind our actions quite often determine an outcome. Wether the outcome be positive or negative, it is usually linked to our motivations behind the act. Our intentions are usually to connect too and to find happiness. Some of the ways that we seek this happiness can be the very thing that stops us from attaining it.
It is a part of our nature to seek fulfilment  for oneself, to seek a quick fix in order to bring us the gratification that we desire. It is usually within this negatively driven motive that an outcome of happiness is either fleeting or non-existent. So the question is, is it possible to find long lasting happiness?
As saying comes to mind as this question is contemplated –  “if it is possible in the world, it is possible for me”. This in itself suggests that if others are capable of attaining peace and long lasting happiness, then so are we. If we examine our motives a little closer, usually with the help of  trusted friend or coach, we can examine our motives more closely and tweak them in a way that will bring us the happiness and for fulfilment that we desire.
Having positive daily practices (spiritual practices some might say) are extremely rewarding because it not only help us to connect to deep happiness but they open the door for more happiness to enter into our life. This kind of happiness is infinitely more profound and deeply satisfying, more than any other fleeting quick fixes.

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