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Emotional Freedom Within Minutes

Many people that work with me on my coaching programs know that I have done a lot of my own emotional healing in order to get where I am so that I can help the people that I help. Life dealt me lemons and I had to learn to make lemonade. I found myself with many emotional blocks and felt stuck and unable to move to new levels in life. This caused me huge amounts of frustration and also brought up feelings and thoughts of “I wonder if I will ever move forward in life” and “what if I never find anything that will help me”.

I knew something had to be done because if I didn’t take any steps or make any changes then life would either stay the same or get worse. I could not stand the thought of never being emotionally free and not moving forward in my life and the thought of staying stuck forever made me depressed and feel sick to the gut.

In 2008 I embarked on a journey and qualified as a practitioner in emotional freedom technique (EFT a.k.a. tapping). It was one of the most profound turning points on my journey and helped to unlock many emotional blocks, it assures me to feel an amazing sense of calm and took my life too many new levels. It is one of the simplest techniques that I have ever come across, yet one that unblocked many blocks literally within minutes. Using simple tapping technique on designated acupressure points it helped me to release and unblock blocked energy and in turn helped me to feel completely differently about the challenges I was facing. Very powerful indeed.

I invite you to explore EFT (a.k.a. tapping) if you too would like to experience emotional freedom. It would be an honour to teach it is powerful technique so that you can live the life that you deserve to live.

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