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Fuel calm, not chaos

We have all experienced at some point in our lives feelings of fear at the thought of losing something that we hold dear to us. The fear causes us sleepless nights,creates anxiety and consumes our mind.

We worry that if we lose this very thing, what are future will be like. Will we be able to cope? Will we ever find happiness? Will we ever heal from this feeling and will life ever be the same again? Our mind travels down many roads of possibilities as it visualises worst case scenarios. When the mind starts to go on destructive journeys of this nature, it never ends in feeling peaceful. In fact, I can only feeds the situation and make us feel a lot worse.

Luckily for us, there is a solution! And a simple as it might sound, meditation is the best way to quieten a wondering and wild mind and bring back a sense of peace and equilibrium to the soul. Our mind is almost like a wild horse and when tamed can be our most loyal and faithful friend. Spending a few minutes doing simple breathing exercises can calm the nervous system and in turn help us to find a place of peace and clarity amongst our own mental storm. When we find this peace we are then were able to approach life in a way that will fuel calm rather than chaos.

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