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Goal Setting

Wishy-washy goal-setting, attracts a wishy-washy outcome. This means that in order to achieve a specific outcome, we need to make sure that a few things are in place, so that we can give our goal it’s very best chance of materialising. A study was done at Harvard University that looked at two groups of people. The first group set no goals and had no clear direction they wanted to go in life.
The second group, set goals, time scales, checked the ecology of the goal as well as other specific focuses. When the groups were revisited a few years down the line, many members of the first group had not achieved anything notable and the second group it was noted that many had reached their goals and were well on their way to achieving more! This study was evidence to the rest of the world just how important goal setting is.
When we set our goals it is important to be specific, we need to be absolutely clear, to the finest detail of what it is that we want. It is no good to say ‘I want a house’ as that leaves it open to get a house that you don’t want, a house that is not big enough or a house that is in a neighbourhood that you don’t want to live in. Thinking and writing the goal in as much detail as possible gives you the chance to get the house that you actually want.
“Where attention goes, energy flows”  – with this statement in mind it is important for our goals to materialise if we state our goals positively. If we were to say “I don’t want a run down house, in a bad neighbourhood with unfriendly neighbours”, our intention is to create positive but the language we use and our point of focus in on the negative, we will end up creating what we don’t want instead of what we do want, because the energy we are investing is in the negative point of focus! It would be more helpful and supportive to the creation of our goal if we used positive language like “I want a well loved and well kept house in a safe and friendly neighbourhood with kind and supportive neighbours either side of me”
We too have a bigger role in the creation of our dreams and goal setting. There are other important factors to consider a long the way, and to make sure that the very thing you desire does not effect any body around you negatively. For more guidance and help on this, feel free to contact me and we can book some time aside to set your goals into motion. In the mean time happy goal setting, I am here if you would like additional help and support.
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