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Plate spinning

I can’t deny that there are times in my life that I feel totally overwhelmed with a long list of things to do from the washing and the ironing and cooking and the cleaning, to running my own business keeping on top of my well-being. Spinning all of these plates and making sure that none of them drop can consume a huge amount of my energy and yes, there are times I feel totally overwhelmed by it all!

What do I do in these moments? Of course, I have to recognise what is happening. Then, I realise that I’ve totally lost balance. Because, if I hadn’t of lost balance, I wouldn’t be feeling totally overwhelmed.

So the first thing I do is I look where I can get help with all that I am trying to handle on my own. I asked for help, which is something that is really tricky for most of us to do. I try and cope with everything on my own then wonder why I then feel tired, depleted irritable and exhausted.

I have to recognise in these moments that the most important thing in my life is me. Not from an egocentric perspective but more from a point of view that when I am feeling balanced, happy and well then I can handle all the other tasks in my life with a great deal of ease. So, in addition to asking for help I then take time to look after me. Whether it be a nice rest, lovely bath or going for a nice long walk. Something that nourishes my soul and gives me back my energy and peace. Learning to manage and balance my own well-being is crucial to the smooth operation of the rest of our life, my health and my internal peace.

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