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Play time….

I was flicking through my photo album and I found this photo of when I was in Disneyland with my daughter and I was reminded just how important it is to have some time for play. Life can be gruelling and serious at times and making regular time to play is an important part of well-being. Playfulness has been proven to be a great healer of the mind and spirit. I am definitely going to book in some ‘play time’ and give myself a break for adulthood for the day. When I make time for lighthearted play, I am refreshed and uplifted and all else in life feels lighter and free’er.

    Magical Soul, YOU DID IT!!

    You’ve taken your first major step to creating the life you desire filled with happiness, purpose, meaning and oh-so much fulfillment!

    Now, go ahead and check your email for all the juicy goods and details.

    Can’t wait to get this awesome life party started!

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