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Power of Intention

The intention that we inject into any act will help to determine an outcome. If we carry out tasks robotically without any feeling or meaning, we miss a powerful opportunity make each task valuable and meaningful, and in turn, life valuable and meaningful. When tasks have no value and meaning we can feel empty and purposeless,like something is missing.
Dedicating any practice to a higher cause can mean the difference between moving forward or staying stuck in out outdated ways of being.
For example, when I do my daily meditation practice, I take time at the beginning to connect to a purpose and meaning for carrying out the task. So instead of it being a daily robotic automated act, I inject meaning into it. I dedicate my practice to all those that I love, to my friends and the world. The reason why I do this is because I know, that when I am in a good place, I am I’m a better place to be the best I can be, for them. This alone helps me to truly connect to the practice instead of it being an empty feelingless act.
I try to inject an intention in to as many things as I can in a day, this not only helps me to be present, it also helps me to live a meaning and purpose filled life.
What can you do to bring meaning and purpose into your daily activities?

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