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Powerful healing retreat

Wow! What a complete transformation of emotions this weekend healing retreat brought. The powerful healing and transformational tools of the Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life weekend retreat brings deep and long lasting emotional shifts and creates nothing but positive change. The group started off as complete strangers and left the weekend as ‘friends for life’.

The participants journeyed through and began healing some deep emotional patterns from the past that are keeping them stuck today, they met aspects of themselves that were still in past hurt and pain and used powerful new tools to bring themselves out of that painful place – to then write a whole new story of how they are now ‘choosing’ to live thier lives. Utterly empowering.

Each person left feeling utterly inspired and ready to embrace a whole new way of being.

This weekend retreat is recommend to anyone that wants to make deep and emotional shifts as well as welcoming in a whole new wonderful life.

‚ÄčThe next retreat is the 13th&14th January 2018.

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