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Radiate inner beauty

I love this poem by Roald Dahl and from my experience, every word is true! If we live in a world full of negativity, bitterness jealousy and even hatred; it begins to show on our face. We show signs of this bitterness and somehow tend to repel the love we desire as well as the life that we would like to live. We are locked into a negative matrix of energy and sink deeper into the negativity.

Person who lives with good thoughts, seems to have an internal beauty and glow that radiates through their being. And Roald Dahl is absolutely right, it doesn’t matter what they look like, if a person has an kindness and love they have a beauty that shines through them like sunbeams and always look beautiful. They will attract loving relationships and a life that lights them up from inside out.

Such a great reminder as there are times we all tend to get caught up in the negative web of life. And poems like this tend to remind us and put us back on the path of love.

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