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Take Time For You

“You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”
What a wise piece of advice this is. How many times do we give until we have no more inside of us? Until we are are tired, irritable and at breaking point? Inside we are desperate and in need of ‘time out’ but the demands of life win each time and we battle on.
Believing that if we do take time out for ourselves, we are selfish. My question is, aren’t we selfish if we don’t? Being replenished, in sound mind and calm inside is the best gift we can give to others.
I dedicate my ‘time out’ to those I love, for I know that when I am calm, rejuvenated and feeling at ease, my time with them is so much better.
What can you do to fill your cup today so that you have plenty you can pour for others?

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