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This too will pass …

I have come to the conclusion that it is part of life to go through challenges. I have yet to meet somebody who manages to escape them all together! Over the years my views on challenges have changed somewhat. I used to view changes as something that was happening “too me”. I used to shout out to the heavens “why me?!”. I often thought if there is a God up there why would he be punishing me like this.

It was only over time that I began to realise that everything I was experiencing in my life was somehow self created. Yup! That was quite a big piece of wisdom to get my head around but as a years of past I realise that actually indeed what I was experiencing was the effects of a previous cause.

Living that way rendered me powerless. My days seemed like a struggle and there was no doubt I was just in survival mode.

When I started to realise that challenges where an awesome way to make me stronger, wiser and more compassionate – I started to viee challenges in a completely different way. I saw them as an opportunity to “make me”. I began to realise it was all in my mind set. And the way that I view the world was the way that I was experiencing the world. I also realised that my view of the world was merely an old pattern and program which no longer served me anymore and any given moment I had the ability to update the program with something that I actually enjoyed experiencing.

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