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True empowerment

It is not what happens to us that makes the difference, it is what we do with what happens to us that makes the difference. Let’s face it, life can be tricky at times and it is natural to have a defensive response to some of the challenges. Heaven only knows that I know the reactive feeling well. One of the greatest things that I have learnt along my journey is that the way I respond to a situation definitely determines an outcome. And over time, just like a science experiment, I have played with different responses and I noticed that I get different results. It is not necessarily easy because my defence mechanism, in the past, has been quite strong. Over time I have learnt to resist my defence mechanism and respond differently to situations and I can report to you that it definitely works and I get different results! Better results at that. It is worth exploring different responses and trying them out and that way start to feel empowered that we are indeed in control of the outcome of any situation.

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