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We are in this together

I love this short story that my mentor shared with me. It goes “two men in a boat, one of the men is drilling a hole. The other man says “hey, what are you doing!?” The man replies “what do you care, it is on my side!”. We genuinely are all in this boat of life together. As we help one person succeed, we create more success for ourself. Literally there is no competition, as we all have unique gifts and talents to offer this world. Therefore the only person that we need to be better than, is the person that we were yesterday.

    Magical Soul, YOU DID IT!!

    You’ve taken your first major step to creating the life you desire filled with happiness, purpose, meaning and oh-so much fulfillment!

    Now, go ahead and check your email for all the juicy goods and details.

    Can’t wait to get this awesome life party started!

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