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What is perfect anyway?

Countless times in my life I tried to be something that I wasn’t because I wanted to “fit in” with everyone else. I try to be someone else in the vain hope that I would be more likeable, more acceptable and more lovable.

In fact, I tried to be someone else because the truth was I didn’t really like who I was. It was only after going on an incredible journey that I discovered this about myself and was able to then work on the aspects of myself that I tried to make perfect. The aspects that I tried to change to fit in. The aspects that I was clearly so deeply dissatisfied about myself.

What a liberation to finally learn to be ‘me’. Not to have to fix me, change me or be something that I am not. Just to be ‘me’. And I learnt that who I am, is perfect in her imperfection. What a liberation. Learn how you can do the same.

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