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Where is the stake in your life?


In India, where baby elephants are trained, CONTROL is established while the elephant is very small. A chain is placed around the baby elephant’s leg and attached to a three foot iron stake which is driven into the ground. Therefore for several days the baby elephant pulls and tugs and strains against the stake and the chain… but he is too small to dislodge it. Soon he is convinced, by this experience, that the three foot stake and chain have the POWER to bind him. He no longer attempts to pull free. TEN YEARS LATER, when the elephant is fully grown — weighing thousands of pounds— capable of uprooting trees — pushing or pulling a loaded railway car— he can still be held by a three foot stake! Yet, if that stake were as big around and planted as deep as a telephone pole, he could easily uproot it!
How does the stake and chain hold the elephant? CONTROL & CONDITIONING. Past experiences, imprints, and impressions that have gone into the subconscious mind will be accepted by the subconscious mind as truths. Those imprints, impressions, and past experiences at times control us. Quite often, we will respond to past experiences in the same way as the elephant. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, what we tell ourselves will go into the subconscious mind and become part of our belief system. We respond to those beliefs whether they are right or wrong. Example: “I can’t quit smoking.” “I can’t lose weight.” “I can’t be happy because of what’s going on in my life.” “I can’t do anything right.”

What is the stake in your life?

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