About Carolyne Bennett

You’re losing hope, feeling disillusioned and questioning everything. You have this dreaded, panicky feeling that you’ve been letting your life pass you by while your heart screams for more than a mundane existence of rinse, recycle, repeat.

You want more happiness, more excitement and inner peace.  More light-hearted everything. But you’re wrestling with a feeling inside that you can’t pinpoint and you feel that something is missing. You hold yourself back because making a move feels out of your comfort zone and the feelings of panic and fear paralyses you into non-action. You think to yourself what if I fail or what if I am making a mistake? You simply don’t see the potential in yourself that others see in you and this frustrates the hell out of you.

Your alarm goes off in the morning and your first thought is here we go again. You instinctively want to pull the covers over your head and sleep the day away.

And that sassy and adventurous sparkly unicorn of a woman with the vibrant, big hearted laugh?  She packed her bags and hit the road….a long time ago.

Maybe you’ve been thinking there’s something wrong with you. Or maybe you’ve been blaming that dull achy feeling on your husband, your kids, your mother in law, stress from work, lack of sleep and exercise, too many responsibilities, too little time…or because the lie of inadequacy has been telling you that you’re simply not good enough and not deserving of the life you want.

But what if I told you that the life that your heart is yearning for is possible?  What if I told you that the life filled with meaning, purpose, laughter and happiness is right there within your own hands?

As a qualified life coach of 11 years, allow me to share with you what I know for sure:


All what you need –  is inside you.

And I’m here to help you realise you’ve got this.

Even when you don’t believe in you, I do.  Because I’ve been there.  I’ve been you.

Hi, I’m Carolyne

A transformational life coach, law of attraction junkie, radio host, professional inspirer,  master of hairbrush singing, straight up spiritual rockstar and your magic life maker.

Also…I have a black belt in “inextinguishable mojo’ creation (yup. And I guarantee you, you’ll have one too!).

My secret Hollywood crush?  That dark Scottish Stallion, Gerard Butler.  He puts my ovaries on fire!

I have been a life coach for over 11 years, became a Louise Hay “Heal Your Life” licensed teacher, meditation and mindfulness instructor and studied some of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time.  I have personally tried and tested the theories and can wholeheartedly tell you that you have the complete power to create the life you desire. And with the right tools in place, you’ll always have in your hand your own magic wand to paint the magical, beautiful life that YOU want and where you become the person you most want to be. (*cue trumpets of joy, laughter and never dreading Monday’s again!)


And my own personal story is radiant proof.  Because my life beforehand? Had puh-lenty of issues to unpack, including some very dark periods.

Before I understood the philosophy that I was the creator of my reality, I would spend each day filled with an underlying sadness and emptiness. I longed for life to have more meaning so I could feel more fulfilled but I had no idea where to start.

Each day whizzed by and seemed to repeat itself over and over. I felt like I was trapped on some meaningless automated treadmill watching others succeed and doing what they loved in life. I felt unfulfilled!

I had so much passion boiling inside of me and I had no idea what to do with it. Because I felt so unfulfilled all areas of my life struggled and I was living a life that I felt Ishould live to fit in and be accepted by others rather than one I actually wanted to live. I found myself changing masks with the different people I met in my day, sometimes only showing them the parts of me that I wanted them to see. I worried if they knew the real me they would not like me.

I was trying to find fulfilment in the next online shop, cigarette or bottle of Jack Daniels rather than dealing with the parts of my life that was not working. I was constantly worrying, not sleeping well and in debt. I spent my life running from my problems and wondered why they kept following me.

I had no true friendships and struggled to hold down relationships of any kind. I longed for a community and a soul tribe and all I found was emptiness. My lack of belief in myself ruled my world and I pretended I was ok but the truth was; I wasn’t.

My health took a turn for the worse, leaving me sick, weak and sitting in a wheelchair. But that emergency WTF-am-I-doing-with-my-life slap in the face from the universe was my cue to change. I was desperate for better life. I was desperate to live my life, on my terms.

With barely a pint of milk in the fridge, money worries that kept me up at night, a job that robbed me of my soul and non-existent relationships, I had to accept that I needed to change my life. I had to start implementing the tools I was being exposed to and quick, if I wanted to change my life.

Please understand, I am far from perfect. My life gets hectic and curveballs are thrown at me, but that’s how life is (curve balls are some of our greatest teachers, by the way.) But I’ve developed tools that, no matter what, allow me to live each day with presence, joy, and purpose. The curve balls have helped me to cultivate a success mindset, become a stronger player in the game of life and wiser Get-in!

So for you who are like the old me, missing the heartbeat in your life and searching for a beacon of hope, it’s right here. I have hands-on tactics and recently shared some of these with listeners on BBC Radio Solent. With me, you can finally take off your mask and exhale.  I create a beautiful and safe space for deep conversations and uplifting energy, where you can look at the girl in the mirror and ask her some deep questions.  I’ll help you reconnect and rediscover who you are by digging deep into matters of the heart and have you explore what you really want and not what you have convinced yourself that you should want.

It will be amazing, luminous, healing, liberating, uplifting, deeply pleasing and inspirational (ooh la la!).

Are you ready?

Because it’s time to unveil the magic that is YOU. 

    Magical Soul, YOU DID IT!!

    You’ve taken your first major step to creating the life you desire filled with happiness, purpose, meaning and oh-so much fulfillment!

    Now, go ahead and check your email for all the juicy goods and details.

    Can’t wait to get this awesome life party started!

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