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What do you do when you feel like you have no voice….

My dear friends, many of us have been faced with countless times in our life where we have felt completely voiceless in a situation. I’m sure you would agree that people can be really challenging at times and without the right tools to help us navigate through some of the stormy waters of relationships we can end up feeling helpless, defenceless and weak.

Have you every felt so angry at a person and not known how to direct that anger because it felt completely pointless even trying to talk to them? Have you felt that even if you tried, you would not be heard and it would just cause even more conflict? Have you got stuck in your emotion not feeling like you have any outlet for it and find it comes out in other ways?

Indeed many of us find ourselves in such situation’s and the angry feelings we feel only fester and create more disharmony and hurt within us as a result.

Having been through many of my own relationship challenges and coaching many people on this subject I have discovered many techniques that can help in these situations.

A technique that I find really useful is writing a letter to the person (not one you will give of course but instead burn) purging all of your thoughts and feelings. It is important not to censor this letter and allow what ever you feel to come out onto the pages. Use whatever words you like (and yes swear if you want too!) and get out as much as you can.

Anger generally tends to come from a place of deep hurt and is it important to acknowledge all the feelings that you feel along the way in the writing process.

This is a very popular technique in the self help Industry and is very effective. I have used it many times and i have found it to be a great aid in the journey towards forgiveness.

(please remember to burn the letter and make sure that you do not give it to the person. The purpose of the letter is to free you from the emotion and not to cause more conflict)

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