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Are you a money magnet?

Are you a money magnet or do you spend most of your life in lack and in fear? Many of our current day money issues started when we were growing up. The question is, can our money issues be healed? And the answer a big fat “Heck YES!!”

Beliefs about money

We all learned something about money growing up. You heard people talking about it, you had experiences with it, and you watched how your parents and others dealt with it. Those early experiences determine how you deal with money as an adult. So in order to understand your current situation, we need to start with awareness of childhood messages. Awareness is truly the key to change.

So, what are some of the beliefs and ideas you learned about money and materials things growing up? These can be positive or negative. However, the negative ones are the ones that are stopping you from becoming the money magnet that you desire to be today!

If you were to explore your money beliefs you may get a list that looks something like the following:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

There’s never enough.

I never have enough time to complete everything.

Rich people are cold and uncaring.

I don’t deserve more money.

No one in my family has ever made a lot of money.

My bills are growing faster than my income! 

Life is for working, not enjoying.

You may not be conscious of them on a day-to-day basis, but these beliefs are in your subconscious mind and they are continually affecting your life now and your experience with money. If you are a nice person and you were taught to believe that rich people aren’t nice, how can you possibly get wealthy?

How have these beliefs caused difficulties in your life? How have they shown up? What have they prevented you from doing?  Can you see how these beliefs will limit you from truly having a healthy relationship with money?

These old limiting belief are simply thoughts that have been thought over and over. It really is possible to over ride that limiting programming! Declare now:

I am a money magnet

I am successful and everything I do leads to my success

Many wonderful new doors of opportunity are opening for me now

I deserve to be wealthy

Training your brain to think thoughts that are in alignment with the life you desire, will help you get there a whole lot quicker!


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