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Break the anxiety cycle once and for all

Anxiety… what a topic! Either you have suffered from it or you know some one that has, and boy it is one hell of a wave to ride.

Having literally been riddled with anxiety for most of my life I can safely say that I tried every trick in the book to avoid situations that might make me feel anxious, I controlled every situation if I could and I lived life in survival mode.

I remember being at work in my early 20’s (having already suffered anxiety since I was 12 yrs old) and phoning my mum from one of the toilet cubicles. I was beside myself and crying my eyes out because my anxiety in social situations had got so bad. The pills from the doctors helped (well, to mask it) but never really dealt with the underlying cause of my anxiety. I was on and off medication for many years. Please note, that I find this form of therapy really useful when we need it most but for me personally, it never really dealt with the anxiety at the route.

I am approaching my 44th year of journeying the earth and as I reflect back at my journey with anxiety (sticking like Velcro by my side)  I can safely say the last few years I have felt great relief. In fact, I can’t really remember the last time that I had a panic attack or indeed felt anxiety. Yes, the normal stresses of life overwhelm me but not the same haunting feeling of anxiety that used to follow me where ever I went and an inability to shake it from my tail.

What did I do to overcome it? Well, I spent a lot of time in the self help section of Waterstones! I also worked with some wonderful coaches. But  I would say one of the most profound actions I took was learning to be there for myself. Learning to  become the person that I needed most and to learn to make decisions that I knew were good for me. 

Diet also paid a massive role for me as certain foods triggered my anxiety. I am of the belief that “one size fits all“ does not work with anxiety relief techniques so finding your own personal anxiety release formula that works best for you is a great step.

I found working on my mindset to be really valuable in the process of recovery. And this is why I have invited Andy Workman to Soul Tribe in September. He specialises in depression and anxiety mindset and is one of the funniest, most compassionate and lovely speakers I’ve ever met. I have absolutely no doubt that you will walk away with great tools and information that will help you along your journey. If you or anyone else you know suffers from debilitating anxiety then I strongly recommend you come along and hear Andy.

Tickets for this event will definitely sell out fast if you’re planning on coming it would be a good idea to book your space sooner rather than later. He is phenomenal and you’ll totally see what I mean when you meet him. 

With kindness,

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