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Jeez! Why do I keep attracting the same kind of people?!?

Perhaps you have noticed that certain people enter into your life in order to trigger healing or spiritual growth within you? I certainly have 🤪 Perhaps you have also noticed that you tend to attract the same characteristics in people time and time again?

From a soul journey perspective some people are only meant to be in your life a short time and others for longer. As you look back on your life you may have noticed that each person (whether it be positive or negative experience/relationship) has brought you a very beautiful gift (even though it may not feel like it) in the form of soul growth.

People will trigger you until you heal what ever it is within you that attracted them to you in the first place. You can see that through theses challenges you have become stronger, wiser, more considerate and loving perhaps?

These people come into your life to help your soul evolve. May sound crazy but on a higher level you called these people into your life.

You generally tend to know these people by a strong feeling that pulls you towards them but you can also have a strong aversion to them too. Whether they are meant to be in your life for a day, a year or decade, you will be changed in ways that you cannot fathom right now. These people are your greatest teachers and your greatest gifts. 🤓 🎁

Name one of your challenging relationships and then take a moment to reflect on all that you learnt in that relationship🙌🏼

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