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”OMG I feel so drained when I am around them” 😩

Familiar feeling? Have you ever noticed when you are in the company of certain people within minutes you feel like the life force is being drained from you? You might find that even thinking of the person can leave you feeling the same way? This leaves you to wanting to avoid that person which can get awkward 😳

Even though you can’t see the energy, you certainly can feel it! Over the years I’ve come to understand that we become energetically connected to people and sometimes the energy connection isn’t always positive. This isn’t putting people down by the way because we all at some point in life struggle and drain people unintentionally. This is not about making a person bad but rather equipping us with information and tools in order to protect our energy to keep us spiritually strong. 💪🏽

Unless we release the negative enmeshment the heavy feelings can make the relationships more strained. Feelings of annoyance and resentment build, there is miscommunication, confusion and a feeling of being repelled by person at its worst. 😬

It has been eye opening for my clients to witness theses attachments they have with other people and when the attachments are severed the results are amazing. Relationships begin to heal and the person is left feeling more empowered and able to move forward in their own life. 👊🏼

Severing negative energy can be the answer to prayer that you’ve asked for. No matter how much you may wish for a relationship to heal if there is negative energy it will slow the process down. Of course it is not the only component in healing but it makes a big difference. 🤓

There are many ways to cut the cords and one way is to imagine the person standing in front of you and utilising a tool of your choice (let your imagination lead the way) you simply cut the cord. Another (one of my favourites) is asking the Archangels to help.😇

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