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Trust the timing of the Universe

I was once the most impatient person that I knew. I wanted everything that I wanted it yesterday. I found it very hard to wait for anything to happen in my life and did everything that I could to push for everything I wanted to happen NOW. 😩

Have you noticed you do the same sometimes? Just how much this impatience stresses you out perhaps? Causes extra worry at times too? A lack of trust in the process of life perhaps and living in fear atht all you desire won’t happen for you?

It has taken me years to cultivate patience and to realise that everything in the universe happens in the perfect time and space sequence. No matter how much we try and push for things to happen, if they’re not ready, they will just not happen or if they do happen, nothing will flow freely and everything will seem like hard work and out of flow. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I often use the metaphor in my coaching sessions of eating food when it is not fully cooked. It will only make a sick! It is the same when things manifest in our world and the timing isn’t quite right. 🤢

Be willing to cultivate patience and trust in the universe and afirm “I trust the timing of the universe and everything I desire comes to me and the perfect time and space sequence“.

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