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You are magic, own that shit

In 2006 a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne made its way into my life and from that day forward life has never been the same again. The book taught me just how I can create the very reality that I desire and I broke down into tears on the spot.

I had no idea that my thoughts and my feelings were creating everything that I was experiencing and no wonder life was doom and gloom at the time because so were my thoughts and my feelings.

I took the book very seriously and started to do some major work on my thoughts and in return it began to change the way I felt. Guess what?! My life began to change in extraordinary ways!

Now all these years later I am a law of attraction teacher and teach these powerful principles to help other people change their life too.

One of the tools that I use in my classes is to invent a fictional penpal. Iā€™m currently on a 28 day challenge with a friend of mine and we have agreed to write to our (pretend) penpals every single night telling them what an amazing life we have as if we have already manifested dream life we desire.

This is such a powerful way to impress your subconscious mind, get you into the feeling of what you want to experience and is really uplifting and fun. I invite you to join us on this exciting manifesting challenge šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

    Magical Soul, YOU DID IT!!

    You’ve taken your first major step to creating the life you desire filled with happiness, purpose, meaning and oh-so much fulfillment!

    Now, go ahead and check your email for all the juicy goods and details.

    Can’t wait to get this awesome life party started!

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