Soul Tribe

The Gathering

Next event:​ 20th June 2019 – 7-9pm,
Wisdom Centre, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8EL (Directions Map)
Tel: +44 (0)1794 830206

Doors open at 6:30pm ready for a 7:00pm start

*IMPORTANT* Soul Tribe Gathering has moved. Please see this link for directions to the new and very stunning venue in Romsey:

Welcome to Soul Tribe

We started this amazing gathering over a year ago now after a strong call within our community for a heartfelt, authentic, soul-led regular meeting of hearts and minds. Started in April 2018 and year in! Soul Tribe Gathering has grown and evolved, and every single person who has attended, whether that be once or every single month, has helped to shape what is now arguably the ultimate Soul Tribe Gathering on the South Coast!

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have made this amazing gathering all that it is today and felt it was a good opportunity to remind ourselves of our purpose.

We humans need to feel that we belong, we crave a sense of community. That becomes a little tricky when we are on a soul journey and feel like we are square pegs in round holes! This is where our soul family come in, these are a group of people who get us, who understand and resonate with us. That doesn’t mean that we all have exactly the same beliefs, values and interests in life (we aren’t a cult after all!), it simply means that we are all open to the VAST and SPECTACULAR amount of positive energy and information out there, and that we are willing to hold space for our fellow soul family to learn and grow as they are willing to do the same for us.

In this community of like-minded people we are collectively raising our own vibrations and thus raising the vibration of the planet, isn’t that awesome?! When we function from a higher vibration life seems effortless, we are able to attract the abundance we have longed for, we are able to manifest the friendships and relationships we’ve always dreamed of, in short – we are able to live our best life. This is not a selfish goal, for when we are in this place of higher vibration and leading more fulfilling lives, we are inspired to take action to help our fellow humans.

Our Soul Tribe Gathering is filled with inspiring, whole-hearted and passion filled individuals who are hugely supportive of each other. We all get something from being part of this tribe and we look forward to welcoming you, whether you are a Soul Tribe newbie or a die-hard fan.

What to expect?

The format is pretty simple, every month we at Soul Tribe HQ work really hard to provide a supportive and nurturing space where you can come along and listen to some pretty phenomenal speakers. The themes and topics will vary month by month, but be assured they’ll open your heart, light up your mind and leave you feeling uplifted and buzzing.

We have also committed to monthly acts of kindness, where each month we have the opportunity to fill in a little heart with an act of kindness we have performed and add it to a collective kindness space, and one lucky person gets drawn every week to win a free ticket for the next event!

It’s truly magical, and don’t worry there aren’t any naked ceremonies in the forest. It’s all very above-board!

What’s next?

Myself, Sarah Kerr and Yvette Pickard look forward to welcoming you to our next Soul Tribe Gathering. Get your tickets quick – we sell out EVERY month.


How can I book?

Each event is £13.50 and can be booked here.

Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.

How to find the event:

How can I book?

Price £13.50

Payable in advance, spaces are limited.

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